Personal Brand Photography

So you’d like to work with me! How does it work and what do I do next?

Excellent! The first thing you need to do is book in for an informal chat here where we can go over the basics. What ideas you have for your business imagery. What time frame we have to work in and where you would like your brand photography to take place.

Where are you based?

I live in Cardiff and my studio is based in the city centre.  I’m happy to travel to locations that are meaningful to you for your branding shoots.

(Please note travel expenses outside of Cardiff are not included)

I’d love to  get started as soon as possible…when can we get going?

Lead time for branding shoots is typically 4 weeks  but  just  drop me a line – I may be able to fit you in sooner!  A little thinking time is a great opportunity to get all of your ideas in place  so that we can hit the ground running when we begin to shoot.

In what ways will you help me understand what  kind of images I need  for branding my business?

Rather than taking a ‘show up and shoot’ approach , your branding imagery will be the manifestation of careful planning and discussion about your individual business needs. I need to find out about you! What your influences are, what you are aspiring to, your dreams, your aesthetic, your values.  Pinterest is a really good way of exchanging visual ideas. I like to set up a shared board that includes ideas and suggestions about colour palette, composition and vibe. We can bounce ideas off one another via email and phone until we feel we’ve nailed the plan for your session.

I hate having my photograph taken and feel self conscious in front of the camera.  Help!

Don’t worry…I totally get you! I can’t stand it either.

The main thing that stands out when people come away from a photography session with me is their sense of relief. Often, nervous clients can’t believe that it was that easy and comfortable to be in front of the camera for an extended period. Yes we have a job to do and that is to get some really great shots of you, the only way we achieve this though is through trust and good humour. We have plenty of time to defeat the nerves and laugh it off. My working style is informal and non-pushy. I will instruct and guide you through it I promise.

Where can our photo session take place? I don’t have an Instagram ready office space  OR I work in hired venues

It’s absolutely fine to design a shoot that can take place in a public space e.g a light, airy cafe or an outdoor space in a park or a beach. What’s important when thinking about a location is that it reflects you and your values and is meaningful to you in some way. Perhaps if the town or city you live in is an important element to giving your business visual context, we can include a noticeable landmark that your audience can identify with.e.g. The pier in Penarth or the castle in Cardiff. Maybe you’re a yoga teacher and would like to convey a sense of peace and calm….this could be captured in a studio full of natural light or even on a beach…there are so many good spots on our doorstep. You can of course hire or ask permission to use a striking  indoor space that captures your imagination. Consider all of these options in your planning stage.