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I’m Mary Wycherley. I picked up a camera in Penryn, Cornwall 30 years ago when trying out an ‘arty’ Photography A’level. To cut a long story short, from owning my first Nikon film camera that met a sticky end under the wheel of a car in Totnes, I now run Two Cats In The Yard Photography from my studio in Cardiff, Wales.

I spent the 90’s and noughties playing keyboards, recording and touring the UK and Europe with the lesser-known Indie band Derrero but I got to hang out with some extremely cool folk and the occasional rock star.

My camera travelled with me on all of those adventures and I was able to build up an extensive portfolio of music photography along the way working on my style that informs everything I shoot today. I also met my musician partner Martin. Before we had our two kids, we had two cats Chickpea & Milkshake. If you’ve ever heard ‘Our House’ by Crosby, Stills & Nash you’ll be able to make sense of my business name.

I now specialise in portraiture and the Arts focusing on head shots and personal brand photography but all aspects of people photography interests me.

My work has appeared in The Guardian, The Times, NME, Vogue on-line and I collaborate regularly with BBC Wales and Cardiff Life Magazine.

I work with actors, broadcasters, presenters, journalists, politicians, musicians, entrepreneurs , families and occasionally even Hollywood Royalty…check out my evening spent with Chris Rock!

I like to spread my time between my home in Wales and my beloved motherland Cornwall where my heart feels still and the aroma of pasties beckons.